I Am A Fish


I was born under the sign of Pisces. I do not even know what that means other than I am a fish and the water calls me. Today the pull was unbearably strong and after too long as a land lover, I hit the pool for a swim. The water was beautifully soft and comforting and fresh and clear. Yes…it was of the 24 Hour Fitness variety of water…but still… Amazing. I’m learning to heed these feelings when they rise up in me. When I ignore or put them off, my life gets murky and uncomfortable. On days like today, when I immediately honor my soul’s desire, the payoff is in relief of anguish and uplift of spirit. Pharrell is right – Happiness IS the truth.

Lap swimming is not my favorite form of fishery (this guppy wants a river or a lake!!). I usually count laps or on a good day, if I’ve hit the pool at the exact right time, I watch the light show under water as the sun shines brightly through the windows. Today I was so overwhelmed with knowing that I was exactly where my mind and body needed to be, that I almost cried – except I was too happy to cry! I came away from my swim convinced that I have all the answers… to life and love and peace and joy. Seriously – it was that great of a swim. I wonder if anything made you feel that good today. Will you share with me?


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