I Am Looking Up

As I was walking the dog and the girl today, I came upon a tree that whispered in my ear that I would surely enjoy lying under her branches and leaves… that she would dazzle me with the way she would let the sun drops speckle and weave their way down to me.

I kept on walking.

Can you believe it??! It seemed like too much work to get the dog and the girl talked in to it when our walk had just started. It seemed like too much laziness when I quickly tabbed through my mental to-do list for the day.

It seemed like something I would secretly come back to do later on my own.

But later came with kids that wanted to go to the park and a mom who couldn’t say no and so I offered a compromise. I would put them at one end of the park…


…and then they would leave me the hell alone while I stared up at a tree.

They were game.

I set out my favorite blankie…


…and got to staring up.


I was NOT disappointed. She and the sun and the breeze shared their stories in gentle whispers as I melted into the soft cool grass.

But then…I got to looking around and noticed quite a few other trees in the park and I thought that maybe one of them would please me more…so I picked up and moved over 10 feet and then 10 more and then 10 more again until I had appraised all of the trees in the park.


I almost skipped the very last one because it was so far away and looked kind of barren and like it had no secrets to share with me,  but onward I trudged (very too close to my children) and reclined to discover it’s hidden beauty in the branches rather than the leaves. Something different, but the same.


I was reminded of my recent journey with God and the church and how I keep circling around finding myself with new views and changing perceptions, but how the strong base remains the same while allowing my branches and leaves to look different than other seekers of God.

The trees whispered to me today. They said don’t stop seeking.


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