I Am Going The Speed Limit


I want more time. That is what it all boils down to…





More time to play, to run, to read, to soak up the beauty of this world, to be a better friend – wife – daughter – mom, to sleep, to camp, to listen to music, to travel…

I find myself trying to fit it all in but what it feels like is happening is that I’m fitting a bunch of stuff in that I need to get done first…before I play, run, read, soak, be that friend, wife, daughter, mom – to sleep, to camp, to listen to music, to travel…

I work, check off my to do list, rush along…

I speed through drying my hair, pulling it out by the roots as I rake my brush feverishly through it only to then speed brush my teeth and then quickly throw lunches together and then leave the house 5 minutes late and speed through the streets to get to work as I speed up the stairs to clock in…at least a few minutes late…every stinkin’ time.

So I’m slowing it all down. When I start to feel that tightness rise up in my chest, I stop. I do something that feeds me. I don’t let that tightness take hold. I breath. I open the window, I listen to what my insides are saying to me. They always come up with such good ideas. Today they said, “take a nap”.

Who am I to argue with my insides? They are ALWAYS SO RIGHT!


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