I Am Under Blue Skies


Wrapped up like a burrito in my oldest softest most threadbare quilt this morning and warming my hands with my hot mug of ink black bean water, I stared out the window as the sun gently woke up. As she lightened the sky, it was confirmed. Today was not to be a staying inside kind of day. It was a get out and get chilled kind of day. A stay out of the shady forest so the sun can try to warm you kind of day. I had heard there was a river otter and some egrets down at Oaks bottom this past weekend, so that is where I headed, husky in tow.


We made our way back to a swamp viewing deck where I called out rather too loudly (to his liking) for an old guy to tell me if the water had any treasures for us today. He motioned me to shut the bloody hell up and then welcomed me to quietly join him and we spent the next 20 minutes watching a very active river otter doing his thing. Mostly somersaults. Then hanging out on a log.


Ki tired of the quiet sitting rather quickly, so off we went again to follow the sun…


…as it led us to the mural…


…and eventually turned around…


…to head back home to the warmth of that quilt and to dream of what tomorrow might bring us.


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