I Am Not Controlling The Situation

I had one plan when Ki and I left in the pouring rain for our hike: Let her lead. It must be frustrating to know there is something to your left that you want to smell or pee on, only to be yanked by your human to the right. She checked with me the first few times to see which way I wanted to go, but eventually realized it was her day to make the decisions. Several times she surveyed the situation and seemed to realize that although it would be easy for her to go barreling down and through some obstacles…


…it was not an easy option for an upright, so she stayed mostly on the trail.


We slid our way through some mud pits…


…that led us to a very big bird…


…who let us get much closer than I had hoped for before he decided we looked like trouble…



…and as all dogs will tell you…if you leave it up to me, I’m never leading you back to the truck, let’s keep playing!

So, eventually I had to take over and directed our way back, but I’m better for having let her take over for the day. Sometimes we get so caught up in doing things our way that we need to take a step back and see if another way might be better. It’s hard to loosen the reins…whether it is in walking the dog, raising our children, how we keep our house, the path we think our relationships should be heading down, the way we think other people should behave…

We seem to be most comfortable when we have some perceived control over the situation, when in reality that control is often a jail. I offer this thought today – think of one thing in your life right now that you feel the need to control. Now loosen your grip…even just a little, but as much as you possibly can…and see if you don’t start to see some peace that you didn’t expect.


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